Mazzy Bell

Mazzy is currently working towards a BFA in graphic design at The Maryland Institute College of Art. She is also studying ceramics and printmaking. Previously Mazzy interned at iStrategyLabs and Globe Collection and Press. :-)

Selected Ceramic Work Spring 2017

See the full collection here!

deeeeeeep downnnnn body thirst

gatorade! what u drink when u have the flu, a commercial for a sports drink without the sports

Save your throat!!!!

Work from my internship at ISL see more here and see them live here , digital photos

Tax Forms! But Easier

Redesign of tax forms, making them easier for everyone.

9 to 5 hustle

stuck playing ping pong forever


Trapped in the screen! 3D rendering (text), found image (computer)

404 A site on the ephemerality of the web

Ruffwear Rebrand

If u didn't already think that i am fun... UR ABOUT TO!

i made this poster and then i really did get a tattoo that says fun in my handwriting. that's how FUN i am.

Your Traffic Cones Are In The Way

Life size ceramic traffic cones, ceramic, glaze, 2016

We've Always Referred To Them As Noodles

A collaborative show with Jack Coyle, 2016

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